Friday, 24 May 2013


Tuesday found me back at Hy-Tech
working on the panels for the Bath Road commission.
The daunting whiteness of the bisque covered panels waiting to be drawn into.
Rachel is working with me on this project, it is exciting to be working alongside her as she has taught me so much about enamel.
We had been given a great working space on the factory floor, around us cast iron baths were being sprayed ready to go into the furnaces to have the enamel fired on.
It seemed such a big task, but Rachel and I complete 2 of the 3 panels that day.
Here Rachel has drawn into the bisque to reveal the black grip coat layer.
None of this would be possible without the support, knowledge and good humour of John. We are learning so much about industrial enamelling from him.
The 2 finished panels ready to be fired, I can't wait to see them done.


Caroline said...

This commission is looking so wonderful! When is it going to be installed for the public to see?

over the rainbow said...

I took a 2 week course with Helen Carmac at Penland School in the US a few years ago and have been working with enamel before and since. With a background in fibers and printmaking in a technique similar to yours, I am blown away with your process and growth! ~marianna who is 'over the rainbow'

Anna said...

How interesting - and scary working so big! The panels are looking wonderful.