Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I have been spending today experimenting with vitreous enamel on my favourite substrate, ceramic steel. I have been exploring some images in my sketch books over the last few weeks, I now have time to develop these images further in enamel.
The thing that attracted me to enamel in the first place was the materials flexibility, the ability to layer it, scratch it back and use different ways to apply it making work that looks not dissimilar to my sketch book practice.
These are photographs that I bought back from the States at Easter, I have been itching to use them.
The vintage postcard material is thanks to my friend Brian who has a wonderful resource that he shares with me. Thankyou Brian.
At no point was a vintage postcard, document or photograph harmed in the making of this work. I have been troubled of late by how much art work I am seeing that is not only inspired by vintage paper, but uses the originals in the making of the work. These precious archives of ordinary life are then lost forever...am I the only artist who feels this loss? I welcome your opinion.  

Monday, 29 July 2013


I have spent a few days recharging my batteries at the WOMAD festival and I
am now back in the shed with the kiln on.
I have been experimenting with colour under transfers.
It must be the influence of a festival weekend.
I am working on some postcard messages in my lost relatives compositions. Look carefully and you will see the comment, 'was it not sad about the Titanic' written in the midst of chatty family news.
Both of these enamels are on steel using a combination of wet enamel, digital and screen printed transfers and stamps with sifted jewellers enamel.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Art in Action is over for another year, it was hot but fantastic thanks to the wonderful volunteers from Waterperry, the Nature in Art staff who looked after us wonderfully
and my lovely daughter Holly, who was a constant support and camping partner.
We all mucked in to set up the Nature in Art area which
was a little out of the main arena, so thankyou to everyone who took extra time to come and see us. 
Art in Action is a wonderful opportunity to show work, but above all to demonstrate how we artists do our stuff.
The Nature in Art area was made up of Philip Nelson's fantastic decoy ducks, painters Andrew Forkner, Alison Ingram, Karl Taylor, Richard Tratt and Natalie Toplass.
 Calligrapher Liz O'Sullivan and botanical artist Ann Swan
and sculptor Chris Manley.
I spent 4 days making collagraph plates,
explaining how I use tile cement,
card and wood glue.
In action with my sketch books on show.
Karl, Chris and Richard deep in discussion.
Simon and Carol from Nature in Art with the lovely Sina in the centre who looked after us on behalf of Art in Action.
I feel humbled to be part of Art in Action, exhibiting among artistic talent from all over the world.
Sarah Morpeth was voted Best of the Best and
Brendan Hesmondhaigh came a close second.
I exhibited my enamel domed pieces among all this stunning work
Rachel Ducker's piece had drama.
There is so much to see and do at this wonder artistic
festival. A big thankyou to all who volunteered, fed us and made us so welcome and a big thankyou to Nature in Art for selecting me to take part in Art in Action 2013.

Monday, 15 July 2013


I have just heard that I have had these Ladies and Gentlemen accepted
for the Fourth International Jewellery Exhibition 
starting in August at the Museum of Glass and Enamel Art, Ravenstein, Netherlands.
Tomorrow I will be packaging them  up for their journey before I get my camping gear sorted for Art in Action

Thursday, 11 July 2013


I am in full swing preparing for Art in Action at Waterperry which starts 18 July.
Four days demonstrating in the Nature in Art area how I make collagarph plates.
I have spent several days drawing some ideas of what I want to make and I am now throwing things in boxes and hunting for my camping gear.
So fingers crossed that the weather remains clement and if you get the chance come an learn all my secrets and say hello to me at the Nature in Art area near the garden centre and gallery.

Friday, 5 July 2013


I have just delivered a crowd of Ladies and Gentlemen to a gallery in Winchcombe.
The Winds of Change is going to be host to the fabulous, gorgeousness that is the ceramics of Mary Rose Young. It should be a very cheerful experience as the gallery will be full of colour. 
For opening times and details of participating artists go to http://www.windsofchangegallery.co.uk/gallery.html

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I am in the process of preparing for Art in Action which takes place between 18-21 July.
So as you can see I have spent 2 days working on images inspired by my friend Brian's
fantastic postcard collection, not Art in Action work at all!
I should be back on task by Thursday preparing
images I can demonstrate making collagraph plates with at Waterperry. But I think these will work in enamel?


I had a bit of a day off on Sunday, so I persuaded the family to have a look around
the 11th Quenington Sculpture show, Fresh Air 2013.
What a treat, the weather was kind and the tea tent served great cake.
We are all reflected in this sculpture.
There is something for everyone's taste.
From avant garde,
cutting edge
to traditional.
Humour plays a big part in a
 number of pieces.
Of course, one of my favourites.
Won't bake, can't bake now...used up all the silicon cases.
You will have to hurry if you want to catch this show it finishes on the 7th July.