Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I have been spending today experimenting with vitreous enamel on my favourite substrate, ceramic steel. I have been exploring some images in my sketch books over the last few weeks, I now have time to develop these images further in enamel.
The thing that attracted me to enamel in the first place was the materials flexibility, the ability to layer it, scratch it back and use different ways to apply it making work that looks not dissimilar to my sketch book practice.
These are photographs that I bought back from the States at Easter, I have been itching to use them.
The vintage postcard material is thanks to my friend Brian who has a wonderful resource that he shares with me. Thankyou Brian.
At no point was a vintage postcard, document or photograph harmed in the making of this work. I have been troubled of late by how much art work I am seeing that is not only inspired by vintage paper, but uses the originals in the making of the work. These precious archives of ordinary life are then lost forever...am I the only artist who feels this loss? I welcome your opinion.  


rObfOs said...

Hi Sue,
With the ability to reproduce images so exactly with the technology we have today there seems no need to destroy original resources. I admit to guiltily sacrificing old books in my altered book phase, only unwanted & discarded tomes - but still my conscience is troubled.

dinahmow said...

My brother has given me photo copies of our father and his family, circa 1900, which he made from an original which has, at some time, been pinned to a board, badly cracking the old photo.
It is sad and not always necessary to destroy archives.

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Sue how I love these I so want to play with enamels like you do but I need you to help me :{