Monday, 28 October 2013


I have just returned from a weekend with the lovely Rob at Dartington Hall, Devon.
What a lovely place to stay.
At the moment the gardens are full of fungus,
gorgeous colour and
interesting sites. The Henry Moore and
Randel Page sculptures being some of them.
I spent the Saturday enjoying a workshop
organised by the Guild of Enamellers.
Our region has possession of the Thermofax machine at the moment, so the workshop consisted of
making screens using photo copies that powdered enamel
can be pushed through. I had never done this before and it was a bit of a revelation.
While I have made lots of silk screens to make enamel transfers, I could not get my head around using powdered enamel to make these sorts of images.
By the end of Saturday I had these 3 samples and a refreshed reason to use powders.
A big thankyou to Jeanne and Pete Crosse for organising the Region 6 workshop and leading the session with such enthusiasm.

Friday, 25 October 2013


A big event in the enamellers calendar and well worth visiting.

Saturday, 19 October 2013


With so much of my Christmas stock sorted, I now need to think what to make for next year.
So it is time to hit those sketch books with new lost relatives.
I am collecting an interesting set of imagery that I am eager to develop.
A few from my stash of photographs I found in America at Easter.
But the biggest influence that has spurred me on to draw has been seeing Matthew Harris's exhibition of textiles and drawing at The Museum in the Park, Stroud.
It has made me consider colour, or specifically red/orange.
I am quite excited to use not just a flash of colour, but
whole areas in my next enamel compositions.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


The class at Hampen have been very excited about the results of silk aqua tint plates this term.
Allsorts of things have been painted and dribbled onto chiffon plates to create tonal variations, from Hammerite to Bostike. Inking them up in one colour has shown the variety of marks that can be achieved.
But this week the plates have been inked up using simultaneous colour printing.
This was a method of inking intaglio plates developed by Stanley William Hayter. Also known as viscosity inking.
The process gives a rich exciting look to the work.
From simple intaglio inking,
to the addition of simultaneous colour printing.
The difference from one method
to the other is amazing, making work rich and three dimensional.
Simple yet effective. I can't wait to see what the group will develop next.
I am running a 2 day silk aqua tint workshop 9-10 November, there are now 2 places left.

Thursday, 10 October 2013


I missed to post about Hampens Silk Aqua tint class last week because I forgot my camera, so I am making up for it this week.
I have been encouraging everyone to try chine collee when printing their experiments.
This is the addition of coloured tissue or handmade paper at the printing stage.
We have also been printing with viscosity inks...but more of that next week.
This week everyone has been adding skim and repair filler to the chiffon base using masking tape to control the shapes.
Skim and repair is very sensitive to textures which retains ink in great detail.
Wall paper, lace and leaves were pressed into the filler.
Then glue is added to create tonal variations. I can not wait to see these plates printed next week.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


What a busy time it is, there must be makers all over the country, painting, sticking, framing and assembling ready for 'Seasonal' exhibitions coming up in a month or so?

I dropped these two off this morning and they will be appearing soon in an exhibition at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham. The British Society of Enamel and the Guild of Enamellers are organising the exhibition, Heart of Heat. This will show case enamellers from all over the country and should prove to be a must see show for all of you who are intrigued by the craft.
11 Nov - 13 Dec, School of Jewellery, Birmingham. 
When not whizzing around the countryside in the 2CV, I am getting work ready for
those season shows.
This is a new batch of festive lost relatives.
The background? Why wallpaper from B&Q. And yes reader I bought a roll!