Monday, 28 October 2013


I have just returned from a weekend with the lovely Rob at Dartington Hall, Devon.
What a lovely place to stay.
At the moment the gardens are full of fungus,
gorgeous colour and
interesting sites. The Henry Moore and
Randel Page sculptures being some of them.
I spent the Saturday enjoying a workshop
organised by the Guild of Enamellers.
Our region has possession of the Thermofax machine at the moment, so the workshop consisted of
making screens using photo copies that powdered enamel
can be pushed through. I had never done this before and it was a bit of a revelation.
While I have made lots of silk screens to make enamel transfers, I could not get my head around using powdered enamel to make these sorts of images.
By the end of Saturday I had these 3 samples and a refreshed reason to use powders.
A big thankyou to Jeanne and Pete Crosse for organising the Region 6 workshop and leading the session with such enthusiasm.


ShirlR said...

lovely photos..

Printed Material said...

I have a couple of pieces of glass that I screen printed with enamels through thermofax screens. It was one of the experiments I did earlier in the year that I subsequently gold leafed. I'll bring them next weekend to the workshop and would love to see the effect of the thermofax on your enamels. Will you bring them to show me please?