Monday, 11 November 2013


Let me take you back to almost exactly last year when I announced in a post that I had been awarded a public art commission for a set of  vitreous enamel panels.
I am pleased to announce that it is now complete. Here it is sat in my sitting room ready for the representatives of Cheltenham Borough Council, the Bath Road Traders and Cheltenham Connect to see it for the first time.
Happily they liked it so the hard work of Rachel Davies and the generosity of John White at Hy-Tech Enamellers has not been in vain. 
For those of you interested in the processes and stats. The whole piece measures 7ft x 3ft.
The image is white enamel drawn through to the black. Yes the image is completely hand drawn onto to the surface.
The coloured panels are thin steel with digital transfers fired on. Thankyou Jane for your computer help with these.
Enamel is notoriously difficult to photograph because of its sheen, but at the bottom of each panel
I have etched into the enamel surface with glass etch to create soft grey images.
I am now looking forward to the panels being install either late this year or early 2014.

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Lisa Purcell said...

That is incredible. Amazingly talented!! I wish I could see this in person.