Sunday, 23 February 2014


There has been a flurry of collagraph activity in my shed this month. I have got over the January lull and despite the damp weather, I am feeling the creative Spring urge along with my garden.
I have made the decision to make a print a month, I now have a print in hand after making this raven.
This image comes from a set of drawings made sometime ago. It is always worth looking back through old sketch books, there are often treasures nestling in the pages.
Using grey board, Poly filla, wood glue and carborundum I get the tones and textures I need for the
dark feathers and high lights of the raven.
A really good way to start Sunday morning, cranking collagraphs through my press.
This raven is just how I remember him. My friend Lesley and I spent a thrilling morning getting to know Marley the raven, it brings back lovely memories revisiting this image.
Here they are hanging up to dry, my studio always looks organised after a printmaking session!


Patricia G said...

What a beauty! I really like the printing plate itself too.

Carmen Wing said...

Now he's a handsome fella! Just gorgeous! So BIG as well! Thank you for the picture of him hanging up - I didn't realise the image was so big.

Anna said...

Fabulous raven, great to seethe size of him!

LAC EMP 2020 said...

I remember that day so well! Shouldn't we do something , somewhere again, soon? I love the scale too but he was big so you've probably got it spot on. Great print as ever.