Thursday, 13 March 2014


Next week is the penultimate week of my 10 week classes. 2 printmaking groups and an enamel class. It has been a lovely term and I have enjoyed it all thoroughly. Everyone has worked so hard. 
It is interesting to look back at the quick examples I do in front of my groups and how different yet similar they look compared to the work I make to sell.
These 5 pieces are my enamel trials. They build up
week by week as I teach different skills that develop over the 10 week class.
We use copper and this panel shows many of the techniques in one place.
We have had lots of fun with transfers.
I teach weekend workshops in between the regular 10 week classes. I found
these 2 collagraphs with gum Arabic transfers included hidden in a pile of samples.
My New Brewery Arts printmaking group explored inking with viscosity inks and
plate making with glue and tile cement.
The Hampen Factory group experimented with dry point on plastic with a second collagraph plate providing the coloured background. The results have been gorgeous.
I will be teaching more printmaking and enamel classes near Cheltenham and in Cirencester. 10 week and weekend workshops in both places, just email me at for summer term details.


Caroline said...

You are a truly fabulous advert for your courses, I so desperately want to have a go at everything. Your'e a wonderful artist and an inspiring teacher with so much knowledge and skill. Wish I was living closer.

Wade said...

Quite a variety of really incredibly work here! I second what Caroline has said; wish I was closer to take a course from you!

Sara Bowen said...

Same here! Any time you fancy a holiday in Coffs Harbour, my spare room is free and you could have fun in my studio!