Thursday, 8 May 2014


I am still working on my challenge of a print a month and for sometime I have had it in my mind to work on another corvid cousin, the magpie.
I spent a happy morning wandering around Cheltenham hunting these urban birds.
Another couple of days drawing and I am now ready to start making a collagraph plate.
Using grey board and Skim and Repair.
Carborundum to create the dense black and wood glue to create the white.
Exterior wood glue is by far the best adhesive to secure the carborundum to the surface of the grey board.
I let it sit on the glue for a few minutes to get maximum stick then shake it off like glitter.
This white glue will dry clear and the ink will wipe off it but ink will remain in the drawn lines.
The plate is beginning to come together and the story is developing. The plate needs to dry out thoroughly and then with a coat of shellac it will be ready to print next week.
Magpie and his little friend Robin, oh now there's an idea for another piece, but I don't do fur??


Printed Material said...

Can't wait to see Mr Magpie in a finished print. Will he be done by Thursday?

Sharmon Davidson said...

Thank you for sharing some hints about your collograph process - I have been wanting to try one for some time. Btw, I saw a show on PBS recently about how crazy smart corvids are; there was a brilliant magpie who could solve puzzles...

Caroline said...

What a beauty! A magnificent bird. I can't wait to see the print.

Wendy Rhodes said...

Process posts are always so fascinating. Thank you for this one Sue, a lovely read.

Sue Brown said...

No sooner said than done Lesley!!