Monday, 30 June 2014


I am still on target, it is not always the printmaking that I am slow about but the blogging.
I like to compare the drawing with the collagraph, so many people consider collagraph a crude printmaking process, but I hope that from the print below I can prove that assumption wrong.
It is hard to make out the carborundum texture of the rook from this image, there is rich embossed black on black which catches the light. The little female chaffinch and the gold finch are made from skim and repair with glue highlights.
I have called this Look Left, Look Right. But I suspect my chums will call it my second pile of birds.


Caroline said...

You truly are a master of collagraph!I love the ominous rook and that the other birds don't look all that comfortable on his back. More piles of birds please.

over the rainbow said...

I agree with Caroline. I have used this technique, carborundum with matte medium and matte medium by itself with very nice results, however you have refined this technique with amazing images.

Sharmon Davidson said...

This collagraph is brilliant! I also really like the "pile of birds" idea. wonderful!

Printed Material said...

Another avian stack! Having seen one of these totems of birds hanging to dry I can testify to the gorgeous rich blacks and the texture of these prints. How can anyone call this process crude? Executing it to this level shows immense skill - will I ever reach these heights master?