Friday, 27 June 2014

JUNE 2012

I know as we get older time seems to pass by very quickly. I am trying to be very positive about this. As I have mentioned in a previous post, Hothouse 4 is over and I am about to launch into a new artistic phase...very exciting...very scary. Blogs are brilliant places to look back into and see the personal progress we make, we do not always feel as though we are moving forward, so turning around and seeing the path we have trodden shows us the distance we have come. With this in mind I took a peak at June 2012, this time 2 years ago. Crumbs, is all I can say. An excellent exercise, pop a comment and a link to a past post that you would like to share. Whatever we may think  and whatever speed we travel, I am certain it is forward.
Me at my MA show 2012.


Printed Material said...

That photo looks like a still from an album cover - the story of your life so far perhaps? I loved that MA show and find it scary to think it has already been two years. You've done a huge leap forward in that time and the way you constantly look at new ideas and follow through on them is one of the things I've always admired about you. You are a 'can do' sort of girl and it shows in everything you touch. It's exciting to read about the start of the next phase. Can't wait to hold on for the ride!!

Caroline said...

I love your blog. I think the fact that I can have the opportunity to see your work evolving is fabulous. You are so inspiring! The mix of highly skillful making, experimentation and creativity. Thank you for sharing the processes and progress.

Wendy Rhodes said...

Looking back is scary indeed, may be some of us are not moving as far forward as we (I) should!
You have had a brilliant two years - and here's to the next two, with hothouse behind you your work will be better than ever x