Monday, 14 July 2014


I have had this idea in my head for sometime now. I am fascinated by small garden birds and the idea that they will take advantage of man made nest boxes.
Last year we were honoured to have a family of Great Tits nest and bring up their family in the box we have in our garden.
They have not come back this year, but there have been Gold finches flying around our street.
This has got me thinking and drawing
and will contribute to enough material to keep me going for
several prints.
So for my print this month, here are 2 offerings together with gum arabic printed labels.
Gold Finches.
Blue Tit.
Both made using polyfilla, carborundum, grey board and wood glue.
While I had the gum arabic transfer stuff out to make the labels for the collagraphs I thought I would try out something else that has been on my mind for a while. Inspired by the work of Anna Lewis and Rebecca Jewell I have been intrigued by how they transfer images onto feathers. Well I am not sure that this is the way they do it, but gum arabic seems to work really well, so thankyou to Lesley for the fabulous tropical feathers she got for me ages ago and watch this space...labels and feathers, a heady combination.


Caroline said...

I love the print a month thing!!! Your drawings are lovely and the prints are so rich. Also can't believe how well the feathers took the gum arabic transfer print.

Printed Material said...

I did that feather thing and it is addictive but I suspect Rebecca Jewell has another technique that we don't know about! Love the drawings and the idea in these prints. See you have stuff at Crafts in the Bay. Is that enamels or prints? Might go along and see the exhibition but time is tight. Have you seen it in situ? We must catch up!

Belinda Del Pesco said...

The prints, and their evolution are really wonderful. Who doesn't love a bird in the garden, in a little roofed house? Really beautiful prints.

Kate Crossley said...

These are lovely Sue and the feathers are amazing. Who knew you could do that?