Sunday, 20 July 2014


I decided that today should be edition Sunday, much more fun than paperwork Friday which will be heading towards me next week.
So with my inks and collagraph plates laid out.
My paper soaked, draining and blotted
and trying not to be distracted by the view from my studio window, off I went.
So I have now added some new Marans,
Eider Ducks,
Crows with cage,
and these 2 Ravens to my collagraph stocks.
They are all drying on my marble print hanger waiting to be finished off later in the week.
I couldn't resist this studio for a lie down.


Caroline said...

Best shed in the whole wide world!

Printed Material said...

Phew! No wonder you need a lie down... but as for the selfie chum... is that something on the mirror or are you wearing some sort of Carmen Miranda get up?

Victoria said...

How wonderful to catch a glimpse of your editioned prints. Do you put the damp prints in the print racks and flatten them under boards later. I am sorry I can't help asking, it is fascinating.

Will Baker said...

These are lovely, your work is such an inspiration. I'm a fifteen year old printmaker (and blogger), recently started selling my prints and I really enjoy seeing other artists amazing work.
Anyway I'll let you get on, have a nice summer :)
Will Baker Illustrator

susan bowers said...

I really love these prints - especially the ravens .... dark and brooding. Beautiful.