Tuesday, 14 October 2014


This weekend has been a very busy one, I have been teaching my signature workshop,
Creative Sketch Book techniques, it is two days packed with techniques to beat the blank page syndrome of a new sketch book. I tell everyone my secrets and off they go!
I start off with gum Arabic transfer. This technique uses a simple photocopy and
 nothing more technical than a wooden spoon.
The results are a printmaking triumph in my opinion.
We then add Indian and Quink ink and bleach,
acrylic paint comes into play together with acrylic transfer.
This transfer technique takes a little practice, but can yield spectacular results using colour photocopies and magazine images...no nasty fumes.
Then printing with wallpaper and acrylic paint makes an atmospheric resist when washed with Indian ink. 
With all this information layering, mixing and playing happens.
It is essential that it is a two day workshop, it gives everyone time to absorb the techniques and develop a layered sample. The only real rule is let things dry between applications, but even this rule can be bent.
Everyone went away with several of these
4 page leaflet books. We had a happy, if not fraught hour learning how to glue these together to create a strong tactile booklet.
Interested in having a go? The next Creative Sketch Book workshop will be in March 2015 at The Yard, Art Space, Cheltenham. 


Lisa Purcell said...

I so wish I lived close enough to take one of your workshops. Can you tell us how you did the image transfer in more detail. That is, did you apply the gum Arabic directly to the photocopy and then rub the back of the photocopy after placing it on top of your journal page? Thank you for posting these images. Very inspiring.

Anna said...

What a great workshop, all those methods to play with, such fun!