Thursday, 11 December 2014


I know I set myself a challenge this year when I announced I would make a print a month,
and December is probably the busiest time of the year, finishing off classes, preparing for the festive season and getting everything ready to open the yard:ARTspace in January.
But I just couldn't resist, so I have created a suite of prints along side my lovely students.
We spent the second half of the term creating collagraphs that could
be embellished with a gum Arabic transfer.
Experimenting with simple collagraph plate making techniques making abstract prints, designing them with spaces to
pop a gold, silver or bronze transfer image from drawings I found in a old sketch book.
I think I may explore this idea further in the New could be a whole new direction?
Now, there is more than one print here, does this mean I can carry 5 over to next year, this would take me to May...if only I could stop!!


Sharmon Davidson said...

congratulations on making your print-a-month goal! these are really cool - love the gum arabic transfers!

Printed Material said...

I love this idea!! As you will be rushed off your feet from January onwards, I for one, would allow you to 'bank' these prints for your print a month challenge. There are other challenges ahead next year to channel your energies into and it's all going to be fabulous. Mark my words....