Friday, 23 January 2015


So this being the penultimate week in January...yes where did the month go? I have managed to keep to my schedule of a print a month.
But it is so hard to make one print at a time, I can't help but make batches, so here are 3 small collagraphs made from card, wood glue and tile cement.
Working in my new space with others working around me is proving to be a delight.
I designed these pieces with the plan of cutting the backgrounds out.
I am not going to say that it is quick or easy to do, but
it does add a different dimension to these small collagraphs.
Next month I intend to edition existing plates to build up stocks for Art in Action...have I mentioned that I have been selected for the Printmaking tent at Art in Action this year? so I will not be making a new print, just letting you know really.
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Caroline said...

I love the dynamic nature of the cutaway/silhouette background and the perfect placing of each bird. And that the birds have so much personality. I think if this would make the most wonderful artist illustrated bird book ever.

Sue Marrazzo said...

I really like the dimensional look! So COOL!

Printed Material said...

These are a great idea and my favourite is the blue tit! All that cutting out sounds like hard work and sore fingers to me. Great to see all the happenings at The Yard. I must fit in a guided tour before you build an empire and move on!