Saturday, 21 February 2015


So I have had a break from classes this week and have found plenty to fill the gap.
I am still full on editioning, it has been lovely to come across images I haven't seen for awhile.
I may have made the plate and not taken many prints from it.
Having made a print a month I may have just pulled a couple from the plate then gone on to the next image.
Lucky me, I still have the shed to work in so I can spread out my work to add the colour,
 then sign and number each print. The shed is still my working studio although the lovely Mr Brown has been making moving in noises!!
Meanwhile back at the enamel project for the Museum in the Park, Stroud
I have been making Gum Arabic transfers on labels of domestic machinery to juxtapose with the 
images of women working on factory machines.
The Museum has put together a great web page describing the project  The pressure is on as this piece will be installed on the 2nd March.


Printed Material said...

I must get up to see this exhibition in Stroud as it is a fabulous museum to be involved with! I might combine it with a visit to the rococo gardens in Painswick, something I want to do this Spring. Speaking from experience, I'd caution against letting 'him indoors' move into the shed. I offered to share last year and 'his' space has grown and grown until I feel like I'm in his way! Lovely prints too by the way. Thanks for your comment on mine. I want to come up and print birds any time you are free. I am obsessed with ideas for that mistle thrush and about to try a gum arabic print on aluminium with copper sulphate. Last time it was a disaster, but I am keen so will let you know how it turns out.

Myth Illogical said...

The crow print is absolutely beautiful.I love the textures and the drama.

Anna said...

Lovely prints and I suggest keeping your space to yourself, or adding an extension maybe?The Museum projest looks very interesting.