Monday, 27 July 2015


Yesterday saw the opening of a really interesting exhibition organised by the Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-Op at the Museum in the Park, Stroud.
Without Borders does what it says, shows a series of works from the South West from artists using printmaking in unexpected ways.
It was a very convivial occasion,
with people really concentrating on the work being shown, but there was a great deal to look at.
The thing that struck me was how many collagraphs or collagraph derived work was shown. Jane Walker: Presli Fragments- Collagraph Plates.
An interesting set of multiples. Emily Lucas
Collagraphs embedded in resin.  Cath Bloomfield
A collagraph construction. Sandra Porter
I particularly enjoyed this piece with the stoned backed enamel element. Anthony Lloyd
This is also by Anthony Lloyd.
Artists book work feature large in this show. Zoe Heath.
3D screen prints by Jane Sasanow.
Paper clay spoons. Pamela Bowden
Anthea Millier.
Maxine Relton.
Peter Collins
Andrew Seaby
This well displayed group of 
Artists books certain takes several looks at.
Tricia Torrington.
These were my offerings to the exhibition, digital
and screen printed transfers
on etched steel.
Once again the Museum in the Park, Stroud have done an excellent job displaying this varied collection as a cohesive group. There is plenty to see in this exhibition, I have missed out quite a few beautiful pieces, I know I will have to go back to see it again.

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