Monday, 20 July 2015


It has been an ambition of mine for many years to be part of the Printmakers tent at Art in Action. this is the year that I was invited to demonstrate.
4 days of showing the public how I make my work starts with spending a day setting up.
Art in Action is an incredible mixture of practical making, from painting to wood carving.
Around every corner there are monumental examples of creative talent.
The setting up is the calm before the storm.
The Printmaking tent was an exciting place to be, working alongside the lino cuts of Ian Phillips
the intriguing techniques of Helen Murgatroyd,
the vibrant screen prints of Hannah McVicar,
Richard and Beatrice fascinated the public with the traditional technique of letterpress
My stand neighbour, Fred Mutebi, flooded the tent with rich colours. 
Just behind me, where we could share the event experience was the lovely Debby Mason with her velvety mezzo tints.
Jason Hicklin showing smoky atmospheric etchings and Robin Mackenzie showing exquisite wood engravings made up our merry band of 9 printmakers ready for action!
We were all guided and kept on task by an experienced printmaker herself and a regular to Art in Action Laura Boswell together with Ben Boswell, they looked after and  pampered our egos, everything ran smoothly thanks to this dynamic duo.
The tent flaps opened on Thursday morning, from then on it was
talk, talk, talk.
I am always surprised how many have never come across collagraphs, but I met some lovely people who seemed to enjoy listening to me explain what I have been doing the last few years!!
But even though it was an intense 4 days, we did find time to socialise.
Art in Action put on an amazing banquet to thank the demonstrating artists for their efforts,
and I think
a good
time was
had by all?
Art in Action on the whole is run by volunteers , it is an extraordinary event that aims to inspire people to get creative and a privilege to have been part of this year. Thankyou to everyone who came to see me, the printmakers who made the 4 days fly by with laughter, Ben and Laura who worked tirelessly to make our tent the inspirational space it became and Art in Action organisers for always making the event successful for the artists they invite. 

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Gina said...

We had a wonderful day and it was fabulous to see your wonderful prints up close? Lovely to say hello too!