Wednesday, 8 July 2015


This time next week I will have installed my work and work space into a tent in the middle of a field at Waterperry, Oxfordshire. Yes...Art in Action is now only a week away!
I have spent the last few days sorting out what to take, but more important than the work is the preparation for demonstrating how I make my work.
So I have been feverishly drawing ideas ready to make into collagraph plates in front of the public. I have 3 new large pieces ready to make and
several small birds on cotton reels and bulldog clips to play with. As you can see I just could not wait to start this plate.
I will have 4 glorious days of making work. I am taking sketch books for people to look through and

plates so that it is possible to see where my work comes from.
I am looking forward to explaining what a collagraph is and meeting 
printmaking enthusiasts keen to share ideas and techniques.


Wendy Rhodes said...

All the very best for this exciting venture. I am sure that people will 'flock' to your corner of the tent!

Mandy Walden said...

and this time next week I will be sitting in my Band B excitedly looking forward to my first ever visit to Art in Action! You are top of of my "to see" list and one of the main reasons for going!!!