Friday, 18 December 2015


So here it is again, that festive celebration that gives us all an excuse to deck the halls.
This is now an annual post with the usual suspects appearing. The vintage lanterns have been up for a couple of weeks now to get us in the festive mood.
Rudolf now finds himself on the wall.
The gnome from my childhood Christmases is in pride of place on the mantel piece and
has now been joined by a flock of vintage robins this year,
 a gift from the talented Caroline McCatty. Frosty fairy, from one of our annual fairy swaps has made a return visit.
Creepy or cute, you choose?
I have a marvelous collection of hand-made cards
this year, thank you for going that extra mile at such a busy time.
The tree is now up and 
encrusted with my favourite decorations.
And there are more fairy lights in places you just could not imagine.
But the highlight of the festive season is the fairy swap I do with Caroline, this year the theme was Frightening fairy and once again Caroline has won. So del Toro in nature, I am so lucky to have yet another McCatty original!!
My fairy became a little too corpulent to accommodate a growler that sounded more like a cow than a frightening other being. But it is the joy of making something for someone.

We have been making and swapping fairies for years now, do you have a Christmas tradition you would like to tell me about?


Caroline said...

I love my growling fairy! And his little fat tummy. Thank you and Happy Christmas. XX

Printed Material said...

How can I have a bah humbug moment when you make it all look so festive? Love that frightening fairy. The inimitable Caroline strikes again but I think you gave as good as you got!