Thursday, 7 January 2016


Happy New Year to you all, it seemed like a long Christmas break and I now feel ready to get cracking again.
I try to cheat the January creative blues by starting a few things before the tinsel sets in, so the budgie
and tea cup sparrows was where I got up to before the festivities.
With the yard:ARTspace to myself I got down and inky, 
a couple of proofs and then a couple of 
days making adjustments to the plates,
playing with inking has left me in no doubt more work is needed.
More glue,
more skim and repair plaster,
and another date blocked out in my diary to print and experiment.
I have also started some drawing so there is a peacock in the pipeline.

Even if the budgie and sparrows don't work the active process of experimenting, reworking the plates and reprinting help to lubricate rusty creative muscles and compositional decisions. It is not always the outcome that is important, a successful piece can often be an unexpected bonus, it is the process of making that is important to me.


Sue Marrazzo said...

Thanks for sharing these lovelies!

Carrie said...

I really admire your work and your blog, but I find the grey back ground makes it really difficult for me to read. I usually just look at your pictures, which are wonderful!

Printed Material said...

Loving those budgies! Want to see them in the flesh on the 23rd please? x

Veronica Roth said...

Hi Sue,
I came across your blog by searching collagraph plates and just remembered seeing you at Art in Action last year. (I thought those crows looked I'm about to have my first disaster of a try. If it turns out in any way presentable, I'll link to you as inspiration this Friday in my weekly drawing challenge (anything creative challenge really) post. Off now to read some more of your posts. :D PS: I live in OXON for part of the year and I'd love to come take a course with you.