Tuesday, 19 January 2016


It is interesting to look back at where things come from (sometimes) and of course when we think about how long ago we should always double the number!!
In December of 2011 I first created one of my ladies. Inspired by the paper mache brooches made by Julie Arkell while I was learning to enamel on the MA course at UWE, I thought, 'what if I made them in metal?' So hand cut steel with a pair of tin snips and handmade rivets to attach the legs.
This is what she developed into, they have taken a while to start to sell, but I have been supported by galleries. So now that they are finding a market I have decided to make it harder...who for, myself, my following. My need to make art objects means I just can't keep still...!!!
So the Ladies & Gentlemen have taken a rather surreal turn. I have spent a few days playing with the enamel and the idea. I like to draw with the enamel as I go along.
Using the faces of my lost relatives, adding scary balaclavas (yes, just an excuse to use that word in context).
Taking a few more risks, but inspired by Cecile Perra and Caroline McCatty
the Surrealists and Dadaism.
And every small child I see wrapped up for winter wearing a woollie hat with ears.
I am looking forward to completing these art dolls and have ideas for more. But the rest of this week may have to be devoted to making a collagraph plate as I want to try making a collagraph a month as I did in 2014.

What are your artistic New Years Resolutions? 


Caroline said...

I love the balaclavas!!!They bring the expressions on those faces to life. Wonderful.

Printed Material said...

Who ever thought I'd see the words scary and balaclava together? I think your younger followers might struggle to know what one of them is, but we children of the 50's have fond memories of them.. don't we?
Can't wait to make my first plate(s) of the year on Saturday. My barbel is stalled a bit so I really need the kick start I know you will give me.These are great things and I am loving the colours.

Wendy Rhodes said...

These are surreal, quirky, and weird in all the right measures. The odd socks are a touch of genius. They're wonderful and if they don't find the right market I think the market may well find them. A fab start to 2016.