Saturday, 20 February 2016


In 2014 I set myself the task of making a print a was not easy, but it was achievable. Not every print was a winner, but it did keep me working. So guess what? I have decided to do the same this year.
So far so good, here is the collagraph for January,
Tea for Two, I have even tried a different technique and seem to be using a spot of colour!!
So you know me, I do cheat a bit and I have a print in hand, Cup for One was also made last month.
I am taken aback by this sudden use of colour, it doesn't feel quite like me.
So here is Februarys collagraph, back to my default
rook, carborundum and black ink (don't those blankets look clean?)
I am comfortable with Escape and feel a bit of a theme coming on with 
the cage.
So now I have sated my need to use black and white, this is the start of the print for March. There will be a bit of a twist as this Macaw will be knitting by the time the work is finished.
The plate has been started, I never put myself under unnecessary pressure, it is only printmaking after all and I should be enjoying what I am doing, so the fact that it is not March yet makes me feel ahead of the game. And yes I make lists where things at the top are done so they are ticked off immediately!! Can't be just me?
This may be Aprils offering, watch this space.


Lynne Fornieles said...

Such beautiful should certainly make a print/month..they are thought provoking and lovely

AnnieOBTextiles said...

They are simply stunning. I love them all.

Caroline said...

So glad you are doing this again! Looking forward to seeing each one. The last time you challenged yourself to do this the results were fabulous.

Celia Hart said...

Your prints are wonderful.
In the past I've tried and failed to do a print a month, but now I do a print for Gardens Illustrated magazine each month my output has soared! Nothing like a real deadline to focus the mind.

Wendy Rhodes said...

All are looking brilliant but I love the strength of the black and white Escape - so dramatic. x

Printed Material said...

You know I love black and white as much , if not more, than the next man, but the injection of colour is a stunning addition to your print portfolio. Having seen that wonderful budgie and teacup in person I'd love to see more colour, especially that macaw. I think he will be a stunner!