Sunday, 7 February 2016


So what makes being an artist a profession and not a hobby? I always thought that a job was in the week and you got weekends off...but this is the second weekend I have worked. (I make sure I take days in lue in the week by the way) Don't get me wrong, I am not having a moan and I'm not looking for sympathy. I love my job.
So it's enamelling in the shed, with safety kit on. 
I am making more enamelled spoons for up and coming shows.
Let me introduce you to Kit Korner, pillar drill which saves me lots of time and energy, Bertha the bandsaw and a tray full of my soldering equipment, a new toy which I am thrilled with.
I use new steel spoons, holes drilled, annealed in the kiln, then soaked in hydrochloric acid prepares the steel to take the enamel. 
I have spot welded moths onto some of the spoons, yes there is another corner with kit!
The spoons are then grip coated,
a stage you have to go through with steel to allow the enamel to stick.
It's really, hot, hot, hot!
And there we have it, after 2 days work the spoons
are now ready to take transfers and be fired a couple more times. Yes, all the spoons get 4-5 firings. The question is what do I do on a day off? What is the shape of your working week, proper hours, ring fenced days, is self employment flexible or more ridged than having a boss?


Sue Marrazzo said...

NICE post!

viv sliwka said...

Hi Sue ... very interesting to see how much hard work, time and energy goes into your fabulous work. Like you, I work 5,6,7 days a week, but don't really view as work, as I enjoy what I do so much. x

Douglas Morris said...

Hi Sue, I recently discovered your work. Where and when is your next exhibition?

Thank you x

Sue Brown said...

I will be at The Contemporary craft Exhibition at Bovey Tracey in June, for details.