Friday, 5 February 2016


Remember back in October I had a treat and went to Hope and Elvis near Nottingham 
and learnt to solder with Di Tinker Foster?
I was very pleased with the results. 
Soon afterwards the lovely Mr Brown gave me a soldering kit for my birthday. I have been feeling a tad guilty as it is only until now that have got around to having another go. My lovely and creative chum Caroline McCatty came over for a soldering play day.
I rooted out bits and bobs and decided to make some kind of construction, primarily to get the hang of soldering again.
A couple of glass circles and a selection of butterfly wings were put together.
Caroline put together a matchbox memento.
Copper tape and then soldered, a little practice is required to get the taping and soldering even. I will have to work on that.
But I am chuffed with my hinged tea cup 
with a butterfly bottom.
Caroline made a successful match box drawer together with
this stacking soldier.

Thank you Louise at Hope and Elvis together with the expert tuition of Di. Caroline and I have learn lots today and our heads are bubbling with lots of ideas.


Diane Foster said...

Absolutely thrilled with your makes Sue! And Caroline has done brilliantly too - its just wonderful that I helped you along the way and with your obvious ingenuity I see many soldered art works ahead! Xxdi

Printed Material said...

Oh I see a rich seam to mine here! That tea cup is inspired and those are some pretty nifty soldering skills. How you managed to get that neat cut in that cup is beyond me but I have some similar shaped ones if you want to do more. If you have the will, I have the china for you......