Monday, 20 June 2016


This weekend saw the yard:ARTspace hosting it's most ambitious workshop yet
a Lino print Master class.
In 2 days we covered reduction lino cut techniques,
2 block colour separation,
offset registration,
Blended rolls in inking and
chine collee.
Despite the dull weather the Work room
was filled with colour and
vigorous experimentation.
lots of work was made and
the over flow airer was deployed.
It was non stop printmaking all weekend.
Thanks to Hawthorn inks who had sent me samples to try we
discovered that the prints semi dried over night and did not have the sticky quality I usually find with oil based ink when relief printing...worth more experimentation. 
This was the last weekend workshop for this term, for details of more goings on at the yard:ARTspace go to or join the yard facebook page, or join my mailing list to be updated, details at the top of the post.

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Printed Material said...

Well done to Kevin for those inks but well done you too for a great course by the looks of it. Why did I say lino wasn't my thing???? I love the look of all this work. Well done to all I say!