Monday, 18 July 2016


The 2CV was packed and ready to tootle off to Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire to the biggest 
and the best arts event in the country...Art in Action. 
4 days in a marquee with 8 other printmakers demonstrating how to make a collagraph and print gum arabic transfer, well, that was what I was doing, other printmaking techniques were available in the tent. 
Wednesday was spent setting up my work 
and demonstration area with fantastic help from 
the lovely Rob. He was also in charge of establishing
Brown HQ. 4 nights camping with the wonderful facilities that the Art in Action volunteers provide to make us artists feel at home. 
Day 1 started off a bit chilly, but coffee is a great pick me up.  
The 2CV looked on while a hearty breakfast was prepared. 
With the sun coming through everything was set for the best Art in Action ever.
The printmaking tent was ready,
festooned with bird bunting all gum arabic transfer printed with my bird drawings and put together by the lovely and talented Caroline McCatty.
Ben Boswell was the man who had the tough job of keeping us all in order, brilliantly generous, fabulously organised, great fun to work with...and he had a lot to put up with from me!! 
So ready to start.
But I was not alone...I was humbled to be with some of the best print-makers in the country. 
Frans Wesselman, etchings and wood cuts .
Laura Boswell, Japanese woodblocks. 
Ian Phillips, lino cuts.
Debby Mason, Mezzotint.
Robin Mackenzie, wood engraving
Diana Ashdown, lino printing 
and the lovely Graham and Beatrice from New North Press. 
Last but not least Morna Rhys, etching. 
Our job for 4 days was to inform and instruct the 
visitors to Art in Action about our process.
It did not all go to plan, but this was the only disaster as I stepped into my ink.
I could have done none of this without the wonderful support of my little helpers. I have mentioned the wonderful, lovely Rob, but Kate also volunteered. 
As did Annie and Alison, 
Caroline who also made the bunting and Jo
The very glamorous Gwen who kindly made the aprons that everyone sported during the demonstrating kept me going as I flagged a bit on the last day. It is here that I have to say a great big thank you, for their energy, expertise and sense of humour, I could have done none of this without them.
Occasionally I was able to get out and visit a few other tents, the whole event was packed with artistic talent and the few mentions here does not do was wall to wall creativity. Lucy Jade Sylvester, one of my favourite jewellers.
Alex a fellow Hothouse 4 artist.
Sarah Morpeth, who has agreed to do a workshop at the yard:ARTspace next year.
And all of us could not have done any of it with out you, the visitors and this year was packed with interested and creative people.
Here are just a few of the lovely folk who
popped in to see
me in the
Printmaking tent. 
Thank you to everyone who listened to me explaining what a collagraph is,
who waited for my demos to begin, stayed to the end and bought work and leaflets. Art in Action is about sharing and meeting the makers. But it's lovely to meet you too. 
My 2CV had a small romance , but all too 
quickly a holiday romance comes to an end and after 4 fabulous days Art in Action was over.
All I can say is thank you to the School of Economic Science and Simon Buchanan for the care you take with us, for looking after us and valuing our creativity. Art in Action I will miss you.

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Veronica Roth said...

Hi Sue, it was so lovely to see you in person rather than here on your blog. I'm glad you had a wonderful four days. I personally gave up after Thursday finding it massively over-subscribed, but I'm so glad I had the chance to come by and say hello. Actually, I had the chance to say hello to all my five friends exhibiting and also meet a couple new friends. Thank you so much for the advice re: collagraphs. Maybe now I won't make such a hash of it. LOL. I looked up your place and in the end it doesn't look too far from me here in Northmoor. So now I'll try to find a chance to come visit you at The Yard. :D Big hugs.