Monday, 1 August 2016


So last weekend my super talented friend Caroline McCatty and I made new friends.
Yes, we spent 2 grueling days on a taxidermy workshop learning how to stuff a crow. Now I do understand that this is not everyone's idea of a relaxing weekend and in the end it was not our idea of a relaxing weekend either. 
2 hectic days at the Islington Arts Factory under the gimlet eye of our tutor, Tonja Grung, Caroline and I tackled the intricate process of stuffing our crows. 
From the first incision, 
to dismantling it.
Around us the results of successful work
by other students.
Day 2 on the way to the workshop there was a sign that I was doing the right thing!
Less gore, more coiffure as the empty skins were washed
and blow dried.
Leaving us with clean birds
ready to stuff
wire and mount.
Hello Gary. 2 days later we all had crows to take home. We took ours on the coach, others on the underground and by train. I have to say it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. The skill and work that goes into taxidermy is unbelievable. The patience Tonja showed was unbelievable as we all had moments we could take no more!!
So back to my latest creation. Give me sometime to get over this first experience and I may have another this space.


Sharon McSwiney said...

Wow Sue well done! I'm not sure if I would be able to or not...The cats bring us so many little furry presents it would be great to be able to make use of them!
Gary looks splendid x

Carla Trujillo said...

Well done! Not sure I could have done it myself. What made you decide to take a class like this?

Printed Material said...

Your tale of taxidermy school has made me smile all week. Gary looks a star and I can't wait for that phone call telling to take that robin out of the freezer.... x

Velma Bolyard said...

a brave skill to learn, and a fine result.