Thursday, 11 August 2016


So I am meant to be having a rest. After a very busy few months I feel becalmed and I don't know about you, but that makes me feel panicky. I know I don't have to make, make, make....but the alternative is house work!!!
So I opened up the doors to the yard:ARTspace  and invited a bunch of creatives to come and play.
The monkey on my shoulder said, relax Sue, we are playing...I think everyone else felt the same. I offered gum arabic transfer, they bought marvelous stashes of fabric treasures and off we went. And we relaxed. I made them inky, they made me think textiles woooo!
Very quickly, because gum arabic as a technique is very quick, we all created some mouth watering results, surprising even ourselves as to how well the technique works on fabric.
The lovely Kathleen Murphy  delving into her stash. 
And then made this, and many other beautiful prints during the day.
Being gifted some beautiful embroidered pieces, I tried collagraph printing and then gum arabic.
Thrilled with the result.
The effervescent Caroline McCatty  shared her fabulous velvet because
it is a fantastic substrate to print on (yes we all learnt a new word). I can't wait to see this turn into a 3D piece.
I looks like Viv Sliwka is having fun?
And her drawings look so good printed onto these 
beautiful fabrics, very exciting to see this process being pushed to the limit.
Claire Cawte came with a project in mind and 
this looks wonderful, I can't wait to see her finished textile book.
But at the end of the day we are ladies who lunch, put a bunch of creatives together, say, bring food to share and colour plus taste is the result.
A well deserved break. 
The day has got me thinking, I love fabric and I am well out of my comfort zone here, thank you ladies for the inspiration and a day of laughs.

I will be running a Gum Arabic Transfer on Fabric workshop on 20 May, 2017 at the yard:ARTspace  

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