Monday, 31 October 2016


October, my favourite month, I love the way the world becomes full of colour.
I have the added bonus of my lovely daughter working at the Henry Moore Institute, so 
what could be better than a visit to see her and this fantastic work
nestled in Autumn colours.
A great start to my half term week off.
Friday saw me installing The Swarm at the Museum in the Park, Stroud,
with the fantastic help of my chum Caroline
The Swarm played it's part in the night at the museum event, illuminating the collectors room where it will be for a while longer.
I like to get into the swing of things for Halloween,
so spent Sunday afternoon whittling away a couple of pumpkins and even made some toffee apples for unsuspecting trick or treaters tonight.
Halloween would not be the same without my works appearance in the window of Moss Prints,
say hello to Gary who is making a rare guest visit inside.
I know it is an American import, but I quite like the creative outlet it gives, so Happy Halloween everyone.

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Summer said...

Nice photos ♥