Monday, 3 October 2016

MORE GOINGS ON AT the yard:ARTspace

So I have had a quiet week really here at the yard:ARTspace.
But at the weekend I was delighted to have a group making and printing collagraphs made with carborundum.
Saturday was frenetic, I asked them to make several small plates, dry and seal them so we could print before lunch.
And look at them go, this is just a small example of what was produced.
In the afternoon I 'made' them double the size of their plate making.
Allowing for over night drying, Sunday morning found us
using chine collee adding
colour to the work.
Once chine collee
had been mastered it was
onto viscosity inking.
This process was the cause of several oohs and ahhs.
I have to admit looking back at the weekend I did pack lots of content in, I suggest a high protein diet and an early night before my weekend workshops. But I was delighted with everyone's energetic, spontaneous images and how quickly everyone got the hang of inking. Thank you for a lovely weekend.


Missy from the bayou said...

Fabulous work from your students!! I so wish I could take a workshop :). Fingers crossed that you will have online classes soon!!! Kindest regards,missy from the bayou

Veronica Roth said...

That looks like so much fun. Wish I was closer.