Monday, 12 December 2016


The end of my teaching term at the yard:ARTspace does not always mean I can put my feet up. I can see Christmas hurtling towards me, so I am about to set up my creative safety net to get me started again in the New Year. It is always tough rekindling that creative flame after decorating the house and dealing with days of giant meals.
Just before Christmas I now make stuff that will need attention on December 28. Drawing ideas and half making collagraph plates that will ease me into 2017.
So here is my process, I am starting to draw new work
that I hope to make next year,
these ideas began to appear earlier in 2016 so 
I want to build on it for new work in 2017.
Lots of mixed media,
transfer and
acrylic and
I am determined to  use the gum arabic technique
on the finished prints.
This year has seen me having a dalliance with fabric and stitch. I can't quite seem to shake this off  and 
I am still transferring images onto random bits of this space.


Printed Material said...

Watching and waiting with eager anticipation!

Wendy Rhodes said...

I love the new direction in the drawing, looking forward to seeing what comes through in the prints x