Friday, 17 February 2017


I have once again set myself the challenge of a print a month in 2017,
here I am working on February's offering. I do find myself rarely straying from the original drawing.
The plate is grey board with glue and carborundum giving me a variety of tones.
Hot off the press and
hanging to dry at the yard:ARTspace
Here is the completed collagraph with the odd touch of water colour.
I have been enjoying teaching the 10 week courses at the yard, we have been exploring a dry point technique and
 encouraging everyone to make a couple of plates that can be printed together.
The dry point plate is made from file cover plastic and self adhesive tapes and shapes. Here I have printed with a rusted tissue paper chine collee.
A super flexible technique that can be printed with a collagraph back ground.
the yard:ARTspace is half way through it's 10 week term, if you would like to join the collagraph course take a look at the website for details,

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