Tuesday, 31 January 2017


The second workshop of the year at the yard:ARTspace. was Quick Collagraph.
In one day you can make several collagraph plates, ink and print.
Fueled by Tunnock's and Hobnobs it was an energetic and exciting day.
Everyone kicked off the day 
making 2 plates and 
printing colour overlays within an hour
of being at the yard.
The results were detailed,
glowing and
By the afternoon everyone had settled down
to making larger pieces.
Blended colour and
chine collee added different dimensions to the work.
We had a great day
and everyone went home with lots of prints.
There are lots of workshops planned this year at the yard:ARTspace, check www.theyardartspace.com for details.

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Printed Material said...

That looks like a great day. Some beautiful colour blending in all the prints but love those two of the arctic type landscape and the hammerhead sharks. Simple, but so, so effective. I hope they are now addicted and want to do more?