Wednesday, 22 February 2017


I am lucky enough to have 2 places to work. And this morning it is the shed in my garden.
I shared my garden with this little chap. I don't get many birds visitors, which is why it really lifts my spirits when I do.
Walking to work is becoming thrilling, as I stroll to the shed I can see spring 
pushing it's way through.
Organised chaos honestly, I know where almost everything is!
Today I am constructing the next installation project for Echos in Enamel, the Arts Council Funded project I am doing with the Museum in the Park, Stroud
Not enamel this time, but printed feathers. I am looking at the letters sent to and fro from home to the front during the First World War.
I think it will be a soft, emotional piece.
It is packed and ready to install at the Museum at the end of March.

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