Monday, 27 February 2017


Take 8 creative and skilled women, 8 jam jars and the concept of voids, 
add to that the talented Kathleen Murphy aka Murgatroyd & Bean's
and you have the Sewcial!
I am so pleased to have this concept driven workshop at the yard:ARTspace.
Everyone worked so hard and this is certainly not a fluffy sewing workshop,
Everyone was pushed, gently, to think out of the box and into the jam jar , 
expand boundaries,
and create interesting pieces involving stitch.
Kathleen was there to help,
and above all inspire.
There was an amazing energy in the yard.
You can be part of this unique stitching experience.
Kathleen is back at the yard:ARTspace on 8 September for another Sewcial, but book soon, places are going already.

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Printed Material said...

Looks wonderful and I am interested in the concept of voids....beautiful ideas and beautiful work all round