Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Silk aquatint is by far the most sophisticated way of making a collagraph. If you like tone, this is for you!
It is collagraphs version of mezzo tint. By applying chiffon to mount board, then working from black to light by glueing a range of subtle tones can be achieved.
This weekend workshop was fueled by chocolate based bickies
Everyone worked so hard.
Here are my workshop examples and the different ways the plates can be printed. Starting with top left:-
Intaglio inked with chine collee.
Intaglio and viscosity inked
Intaglio inked with rusted chine collee
Intaglio inked
Everyone embrassed the idea of having strong dark areas that the chiffon gives.
Experimentation was the order of the day.
There was not a plate that was not
made exciting by the viscosity inking
technique, I do hope
that everyone went home happy?
If you would like to learn collagraph techniques in weekend workshops or a 10 week course, go to for details.

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