Saturday, 22 April 2017


You know what they say, all work and no play...unbelievably I took a few days break over Easter and got out and about. 
The lovely Mr Brown and I took a days trip to see my daughter, at the Henry Moore Foundation, at Perry Green, Hertfordshire.
The Becoming Henry Moore exhibition has just started and it is really worth a visit. Of course photographs were not allowed to be taken in the exhibition, but believe me there are some real treasure to be seen, I got quite emotional.
The gardens themselves are wonderful and packed full of
monumental Henry Moore works.
The day was glorious and
everywhere I looked
wonderful sculptures, I came away so inspired.
This week we had a trip closer to home, in fact almost down the road from Cheltenham. Chastleton is near Stow
Built between 1607- 12 it is in an almost complete state.
Crochet was invented here
and boasts lots of original Jacobean plaster and carved panel work.
With photography allowed, I went into Country Living mode, snapping interior shots.
This hand sewn bed spread took my eye, yes hand sewn and in fact took 15 years to finish.
Mr Brown and I spent a lovely afternoon
wandering around the house,
finally having tea in the church yard.
Back to work for both of us next week, but I feel refreshed and recharged.

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Printed Material said...

Very distracted by that fantastic bird cage at Chastleton but envious of the visit to see Henry Moore's work. I know the sculptures are wonderful but I've always loved his sketches and drawings as much if not more. I have a collection of books of them and the best one is the one with his textile designs in. Just glorious. I shall bring it on the 20th for you to see!! x