Sunday, 18 June 2017


While I was trapped in my house running venue 34 as part of Cheltenham Open Studios, just up the road at the yard:ARTspace was our sister show in venue 35
Our guide entries sat beautifully along side each other.
We had matching bunting, thank you Carole for doing that.
And for once the sun shone on the event.
the yard:ARTspace is usually full of excited people on creative workshops and courses.
But last week it turned into a gallery space with wonderful  Claire Baker ceramics, Susan Wilkinson jewellery and Carole Bury stitched works on paper.
On the Wednesday my printmakers came to class as usual, but under the expert eye of a celebrity printmaker Frans Wesselman who came to visit us. Thank you for coming and I look forward to returning the visit for Worcester Open Studios in August. 
While printmaking continued, Susan was working on her jewellery and visitors came to watch. The atmosphere was so creative.
Iris tried hard to market the yard:ARTspace while stealing the show in venue 34.
It was a a thrill to have all this lovely work at the yard.
Can you guess why I like this piece from Claire? 
It was fascinating to see Susan creating her pieces with exquisite tools and
making gorgeous work.
Carole set up her workshop in the press room
I am sure giving away the secrets of her beautiful stitched paper techniques, but the skill and imagination can only be hers.
I have to say what a dream team they made, everyone who came on to our venue said what a warm welcome they had received at the yard. Thank you so much Susan, Claire and Carole, I have not laughed so much and I will miss our regular and rather surreal whatsap communications.
Venue 34 & 35 would not have had so many visitors without the support of Dodwells our local stationers and art suppliers. They created the most amazing window for Cheltenham Open Studios. Handed out hundreds of guides. Gave up retail space to promote the artists in their area and were still giving out walking maps with leaflet holders on their shop window while closed on Sunday. So it's a really big thank you from the 6 artists at venue 34 &35.

Look out for COS in 2019 when hopefully the dream team will be back.

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