Monday, 5 June 2017


It is 2 days before the preview evening and 3 days before Cheltenham Open Studios starts in earnest. Commercial Street, venue 34 and the yard:ARTspace, venue 35, are beginning to take shape...but why is it taking us so long to set up?
The 6 of us all have other things going on in our lives and it is a real luxury to be able to take time to set up an exhibition and gently place and tweek.
There has been several weeks of planning for the Dodwells window. My local stationers and art material suppliers have offered their support to their 'arty' customers and have put a promotional window in to advertise the Naunton Park and Suffolks artists, they have guides and venue walking maps to make life easier for the determined Open Studio tourist.
My shed at venue 34 is now done, come and watch me drawing and experimenting over the 9 open days.
You will also find a bargain or two as I have cleared out my print and enamel drawers to make space for new work.
The main room in Commercial Street is really turning into a gallery and will be showing my latest work (before the galleries get it),
both collagraphs and my new textile /prints. But I have left significant gaps for Caroline's automata and Sharon's jewellery and metal work.
Meanwhile back at the yard:ARTspace I have tidied up the notice board and the website. Create for Christmas and the 2018 program is being launched during Open Studio's so pop over to venue
35 and check out the details and see where you could take a create workshop.
So far Carole and Claire have begun to place work
around the Workroom and the 
Space Inbetween. The cabinets are waiting for Susan to display her jewellery.

So we are all on the home straight, pricing and the final move around yet to come, oh and signage, mixing Pimms for Thursday night and of course constant dead heading what is left of the garden after all this rain!!

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