Sunday, 29 October 2017


Thursday will find me and my chums Claire Baker and Caroline McCatty putting up  small but beautifully formed exhibition of our work.
A variety of articulated wooden objects 
and stitched work from Caroline,
Ceramic art from Claire
with added touches of mixed media.
Together with collagraphs,
enamel and
the odd textile from me.
And where can these delights be found, in Painswick, Gloucestershire at the ACP Gallery Painswick.Check their website for opening details.
Starting 4 November, you will have until 25 November
to purchase that unique Christmas gift or treat yourself.

Friday, 27 October 2017


The lovely Mr Brown and I have been on a little mini break to Cornwall to see my chums Sharon McSwiney and Tim. The car was packed up and off we went to St Ives.
Walks were taken, and inspirational
colours were seen.
This old boat was a 
abstract painting...might get me looking at colour!!
The weather was kind, this view over to St Ives from Hayle was glorious.
Oh buoy!
Watch this space as I now have a new set of Raven images after meeting this gorgeous fellow.
Refreshed and relaxed I got back to Cheltenham and straight into the yard:ARTspace to print Two for Joy and
finish Frivolous Pink.
Back to the holiday idea, a break is so important as it gives me time to reflect on what I am doing and get excited about doing more.

Monday, 2 October 2017


The Autumn term has started at the yard:ARTspace and my lovely summer break is still a glowing memory. I had a proper holiday which cannot be underestimated. I am now in full creative, printing mode and head long into my classes...and I am loving every minute. 
My main task this summer was to try and create these sketch book pages in collagraph form.
I first thought that working into the print with mono print sections might work?
Then looking at this image and giving myself permission to experiment brought
me to the conclusion that a 3 plate over printed collagraph might do the job?
I am really enjoying this exploration.
Another bird, another set of plates.
Colour Sue Brown, I can hear you all gasp!!!
Then I went and spoilt it with a sparrow on a reel. He is waiting to dry before I add thread.
In between, I have been teaching carborundum and blended rub inking.
This weekend workshop was exhilarating for me 
and the group taking part. I was thrilled
with the prints that came from this class.
I have always maintained that the more you do, the more you do...
I can't stop drawing new birds, the bird a day for August 
really got me into the swing. I may not be drawing every day now, but I seemed to be getting lots of new inspiration.


What do you get when you put 1 artist, 1 A5 sketch book and a month without classes together?
Now when I announced that I would draw a bird a day over August it seemed a good idea at the time.
Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram,
will recognize these images.
I drew and posted, 
drew and posted.
And here are a few for those of you who missed all
this ornithological activity... 
Now this was a discipline for me and very time consuming, but
it has really fed my creativity and as you will see in the next post I have really hit September running...