Wednesday, 14 February 2018


The weather has been awful, so I have spent several days snug in my shed. I am working on some ideas for a project that will appear in the Autumn. 
 Yes I am once again absorbed with entomological collections housed by museums. I am at the drawing stage and thoroughly enjoying the mixed media process.
I start off with white acrylic printed texture so that I am not faced with a white page. Perhaps a bit of wax mark making...not that apparent  in this image
Then fun with acrylic ink, there is almost colour here, not like me at all!! 
I will then progress by working into the surface with collage, more white paint and drawing. 
Gradually moths and labels start to appear. 
Wings emerge from the mixture. 
More white paint, more definition. 
I like to allow the initial ink patterns to describe the marks of moth wings.
The drawings take on a life of their own, dark background or light...I quite like both.
These moths are generic shapes and patterns,
reminders of moths we may have encountered.
With all this looking and drawing going on I am beginning to make connections
with some enamel experiments I made just after Christmas. 
Particularly these 2 pieces...bugs, moths and now nests.
All roads are leading to this subject matter as this week I found an old wrens nest in a winter tree in our garden. Just look how everything is connecting. I just love coincidences. 

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Catherine Chapple said...

Lovely to see the process you go through to reach the finished image which is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, Sue.