Tuesday, 23 January 2018


It is this time of the year that I find myself trying to fend off those winter blues.
These visitors to my garden really help. Not only do they lift my spirits, 
but give me an endless source of inspiration. 
I adore these little ball of feathers  hurtling through the garden and
can't wait to start a new piece based on this plump chap. 
To raise my spirits further on a cold damp day Mr Brown and I jumped in the car and went to the very exotic, Stratford on Avon .
We found ourselves in the Butterfly Farm enjoying the warmth, tropical vegetation and these flying jewels.
This wonderful display of emerging Atlas moths 
was a sight to behold. 
Strange fruit indeed. 
At every turn there is colour and the
gentle movement of equisite
butterfly's and moths sailing through the air.
 Lots of ideas, but more to the point a delightful way to fend off those dismal winter blues.

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Barbara Casillas said...

Those Atlas moths are amazing. I was looking at your posts. I love printmaking. I did some many years ago at university. I've just enrolled in a printmaking class recently and I am enjoying the variety of techniques we're using.