Tuesday, 8 May 2018


So far the summer term at the yard:ARTspace has been about textiles. I have been lucky enough to have Viv Sliwka and Kathleen Murphy visit, bringing with them bags of stitch goodies and deliver gorgeous workshops.
The end of April saw Viv inspire a group with stitch and 
vintage tins. We all made a delicious stitched collage
adding vintage bits
held down with french knots
and running stitch to create small
encased worlds.

Everyone completed their projects and we 
were all thrilled. Viv is a gently persuasive teacher, very generous with her materials and knowledge.
With the change in the weather Kathleen arrived, suitcases in hand
and mystery packages for her signature workshop, The Sewcial.
You just do not know what you will be signing up for with this workshop.
Kathleen challenges and inspires you to think outside of the box and this workshop did not disappoint. Everyone received a sieve and a thing from a light fitting.
From there Kathleen makes a few suggestions and off everyone goes in a variety of directions.
creating from
resource material.
Show casing skills
in new directions.
Everyone produced extraordinary pieces
Much admired at the end of the day.
Missed this workshop?
Kathleen will be delivering a Seasonal Sewcial at the yard:ARTspace on the 16 November, book early to avoid disappointment.

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