Friday, 27 April 2018


The summer term started at the yard:ARTspace, Cheltenham this week. Since starting workshops and courses at the yard, 4 years ago, I have found myself a bit Cheltenham bound. But a couple of weeks ago I was found venturing out to the Nottingham area to deliver a workshop
at the marvelous Hope and Elvis.
Two wonderful days delivering my signature workshop, Mixed Media Sketchbook techniques to include Gum Arabic Transfer...I really must make that title more snappy.
There are 2 things that recommend a Hope and Elvis workshop. The fantastic organisation of the lovely Louise Asher and the fabulous food at lunch time. This photo sums up both.
Everyone who attended the 2 day workshop was made to work extremely hard.
Lots of mixed media with ink, bleach and wax combined
with oiled based ink and
my favourite technique
gum arabic transfer printing.
A great deal of experimental work was done on paper and into sketch books.
The paper was duly folded into a book form,
then glued to create a library of
Everyone made very personal pieces. Fantastic to see when everyone uses the similar techniques.
Look out for this edition of Be Creative with Workbox 
I have a 'how to' article explaining Gum Arabic transfer in detail.
Or go to my Etsy shop MadeBySueBrown,  for a selection of 'How to ' leaflets
and original hand-stitched, gum arabic transfer printed Garden Stories.

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Carol said...

I wish I lived nearer so I could attend this experimental workshop. It looks like massive fun.