Friday, 6 April 2018


I am having a small break from bird collagraphs. I am giving myself sometime to explore new techniques together with new subject matter.
But as you can see, I am not moving too far away from the subjects I love to research.
Entomological collections and wings.
Natural history together with the collection and study of it is close to my heart. 
Something that my father encouraged.
So as you know I start with drawing, drawing, drawing.
Then plate making, yes there has to be collagraph here somewhere. 
But I need to push myself and my use of materials further.
Caroline McCatty, a super supportive artist friend has given me lots of silk. 
So 'what if ' I print my collagraphs on silk?
What if I rust the silk first, then print on it?
What if I combine collagraph with gum arabic transfer printing and start to layer everything up...
on silk? 
I am at the experimental stage, but thanks to the encouragement of Caroline
 I am beginning to move in a very different direction...or am I?
I am realising that I have missed doing proper research and development work and have to acknowledge that it is not always about producing sale-able work.

While I am in a thanking mode, I received an email this week from Anuj Agarwal, founder of Feedspot. My blog has been voted one of the Top 20 Printmaking Blogs on the web. 
Thank you Anuj and everyone who reads  this blog. I look forward to many more posts. 

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Coreopsis said...

Your butterflies are beautiful! I wasn't aware of your blog until I saw your award on Collagraphs Worldwide on Facebook.

Way cool!