Friday, 22 June 2018


I love June, my garden is at it's best, everything looks lush and colourful. How inspiring is that!
I have been trying out new techniques recently, have you noticed? 
So I thought I would give Eco dyeing a try. I have been in a really experimental mood this year and it surprises me how many techniques can be added seamlessly to my printmaking and uses resources from my other practices.
Here I am wrapping in paper and silk a piece of shaped steel that I have used in the past for enamel. Flowers and leaves have also been added.  
After an hours boiling these strange parcels are ready to unwrap. Now to be honest I was expecting to find lots of greyish, brownish stained paper and silk.
Gosh!! Every parcel is a joy to unwrap, 
the outcomes are varied, but often contain a printed treasure.
I suspect my neighbours think I have issues with stain removal or 
that I have a very sloppy washing technique.
I have created lots of samples on fabric, I am finding silk very successful
and have a collection of interesting papers to draw into. 
I have now got to the 'What If' stage...?
'What If' I eco dye onto collagraph and gum arabic transfer prints on silk. 
These samples are part of the work I am doing for an Autumn exhibition at 
the Museum in the Park, Stroud. 
And yes, there is the eco dyeing, rust, leaves and garden flowers.
The oil based ink acts as a resist, the eco dyed elements can be 
over printed when everything is dry.
I just love the worn look I am getting and the way images are appearing out of the gloom. I find the colours I am achieving a real surprise. It is good to learn new things. 

If you would like to learn the technique of creating eco dyed fabrics and develop a set of samples to work into, Claire Cawte is running a 2 day workshop at the yard:ARTspace. for details and booking.

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