Thursday, 21 June 2018


Every now and then I can be found out and about, looking for inspiration and recharging my artistic batteries. I recently took the opportunity to have an outing to Bath with chums.
We made a 'B' line for the Victoria Art Gallery and the exhibition, 
I don't think it matters if you like quilts, tapestry or mosaic or not, the  exhibition was a riot of 
colour and texture. Glaringly bright and cheerful.
Lots of fun and completely spirit lifting.
After filling our heads with all that saturated colour we poped upstairs. It is well worth looking around the permanent collection, there are lots of surprising treasures, spot the Grayson Perry and the John Piper. 
Enjoy the collection of Staffordshire dogs.
While wandering around Bath we came across a community project exhibtion of Cyanotypes.
It was a collection of beautifully laid out place settings and very inspiring as coincidentally, me and my chums are booked onto a Cyanotype weekend workshop at the yard:ARTspace later in the month. 
Watch this space for those results?

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Shirlee Fassell said...

Lovely lots of inspiration!