Sunday, 13 January 2019


January can be a difficult time for creatives. There is something about a New Year, post Christmas that makes us think about what we do. My antidote to this...and I am not immune to the negative thoughts that creep in when the weather is gloomy and the days are short, is to draw.
I hit those sketch books hard and fast, I try not to think too much. This is where gum arabic printmaking comes into its own. I took some new photos before Christmas and then printed photo copy versions of them at the beginning of the month.
I try not to start brand new things, but go with what I know I can do.
Rework ideas in the hope they might work this time and
generally experiment. I fancy focusing on flight this year, but don't hold me to that.
I leave unfinished projects to develop after the festivities.
So I have cranked up the Bernina and started stitching into these prints on silk.
The best thing to get me and others going is holding a Mixed Media Sketch Book weekend. Yes, this week term started at the yard:ARTspace.
Take eight talented women, give them ink.
acrylic paint, wax and bleach.
Teach then how to print gum arabic transfers and
wonderful experimental works on paper appear.
Transform these random marks on paper into folded,
glued booklets. Everyone took home several little treasures and
loads of new techniques to loosen up their drawing.

So halfway through January and I am now feeling creative and positive for the year to come. How lucky I am to be working in a field I love, with talented enthusiastic people.

I hope your year has started as well?

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